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Tools for Spiritual Growth   

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Hulpmiddels om Geestelik te Groei

Do you feel inadequate as a Christian? Do you want a closer relationship with God but feel stuck—like you're spinning your wheels? Do you want your relationship with God to translate into a better relationship with family and friends?

I think we all want that but sometimes just don't have the right tools to make it work. We need some direction.

The new Bible study aid booklet, Tools for Spiritual Growth, will provide just that. It lays out spiritual tools in a progression of actions that will help you grow in the grace and knowledge of God the Father and Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). It starts with the essentials of communicating with God through prayer and Bible study. Sometimes we don't know how to "pray as we ought" (Romans 8:26) and need support.

The booklet goes on to describe the need for meditation and the catalyst of fasting. This then leads to change, connectivity with the Church and growth from immaturity to immortality. You can start implementing these tools right away, and by doing so you will see results. You can read Tools for Spiritual Growth online or request a copy to be sent to you.

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  • Lewende Geloof

    Lewende Geloof


    There is a crisis of faith. Few people place confidence in God or the future. Many have no faith their marriages will survive, that political leaders will honourably serve their country or that education will prepare them adequately for the challenges ahead. Faith is all too rare today. This booklet will help you understand the keys to living faith.

  • Transformeer U Lewe

    Transformeer U Lewe


    In hierdie boekie sal ons die Bybel se lering oor bekering ondersoek—dit is nie net 'n eenmalige gebeurtenis nie. In plaas daarvan openbaar die Skrif dat dit 'n proses is. Die proses begin met God se roeping, gevolg deur die sleutelstappe van bekering, doop en die ontvangs van die Heilige Gees, en eindig uiteindelik met die wederkoms van Jesus Christus – wanneer die dooies in Christus tot onsterflikheid opgewek word en die ewige lewe gegee word – die uiteindelike transformasie!


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