The Divided States of America
  • November-December 2022
  • The United States is deeply divided—to the point that many Americans expect violence and perhaps even another civil war. What are the roots of these irreconcilable differences? Where will they take the nation? Perhaps not surprisingly, the answers are found in the pages of your Bible. And what it means for the entire world—and your life and the lives of your loved ones—is sobering. What can and should you do? Be sure to read this issue of Beyond Today.

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    The Divided States of America: A Dangerous Crossroads

    November-December 2022
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    The Divided States of America
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    What's in this Issue

    A World in Chaos as America Fractures

    As the United States becomes increasingly divided, the effect is felt around the globe in the form of frail leadership, further division and turmoil among the nations.

    Two Nations Under One Flag

    Americans are losing cohesion with one another, with politics and societal values becoming more and more polarized. Where is this leading?

    “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”

    We hope and pray that you will have ears to hear and, most importantly, a heart to heed and seek God. Take to heart the words of Scripture—repent, turn to God and pray for mercy for the nation!

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