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What Does the Bible Teach About Grace?   

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“Grace” is a word not often used these days, except in a religious sense. But what does it really mean? What does it teach us about God the Father and Jesus Christ? What did the word mean when the biblical writers used it? We are the recipients of God’s grace, but does it come with obligations on our part?

Few things could be more important to our relationship with God than a true biblical understanding of grace! Be sure to read this eye-opening study guide to discover the real biblical meaning of grace!

What's in the Guide

Chapter 1
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The word grace appears often in the Bible, from its first book to its last. But what does it mean? Does your understanding of grace agree with the Bible?

Chapter 2
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To understand the meaning of grace, we need to understand the Hebrew and Greek words used for grace in the Bible and what they reveal to us.

Chapter 3
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God’s Word tells us that our sins have separated us from God. So what is the solution to this estrangement? God has provided a way through His grace.

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The best way to understand grace may be to see it in action. In the life of Jesus Christ we have a perfect example of grace to follow and show in our lives.

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Many people have the impression that grace and law are fundamentally opposed. But is this what the Bible teaches? Let’s examine what it really says.

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The Greek word commonly translated "grace" had a specific meaning in the first-century Roman Empire in which the apostles taught. What does it reveal?

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In light of what the Bible shows us about grace, what does this mean for us? Does receiving God’s grace come with obligations? How can we grow in grace?

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