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Bible and Archaeology #1

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Bible and Archaeology #1

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Bible and Archaeology #1

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Chapter 1
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Scholars have queued up to ridicule the biblical accounts as mere myth. A tug of war continues between scoffers and believers in the inspiration and accuracy of the Bible.

Chapter 2
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In this article we take a look at some of the astounding discoveries of the last two centuries and show how physical evidence confirms aspects of the biblical record.

Chapter 3
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Although doubters will always scoff at the truth of God's Word, fewer and fewer now doubt the Bible's historical basis.

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Archaeologists have made many significant discoveries that make the book of Exodus and the Israelistes' time in Egypt come alive.

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The Bible records the story of ancient Israel's conquest of Canaan under the leadership of Joshua. Did it really happen as the Scriptures record? We continue our look at archaeological finds that shed light on the Bible.

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In earlier issues, The Good News examined archaeological finds that illuminate portions of the book of Genesis and Exodus. In this issue we continue our exploration of discoveries that confirm other aspects of the Exodus account, beginning with the incident of the Israelites' worship of the golden calf.

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During this period of more than 300 years, God periodically raised up judges to rescue and rule over Israel as the Israelites struggled with indigenous peoples over control of the land.

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Secular historians once questioned the historicity of King David. However, recent archaeological discoveries confirm the evidence for his existence and reign.

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In 1956 another remarkable discovery was made that provides additional evidence of the authenticity of the biblical accounts of David's days.

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What has archaeology revealed about King Solomon's reign in the 10th century B.C.? Remarkably, there is much evidence to corroborate the biblical account.

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This series in The Good News will continue covering archaeological discoveries relating to the later kings of the house of Israel. It is astonishing how much evidence supporting the biblical record has been uncovered by the spade of diligent archaeologists.

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The previous issue presented archaeological evidence that confirms and clarifies the biblical record of the early kings of the northern 10 tribes of Israel after the death of Solomon. We continue the story with the later kings and downfall of the kingdom.

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In the last two editions of The Good News, we covered the history of the kings of Israel after the northern 10 tribes broke ties with the kingdom of Judah, comprised of two tribes in the south. We now turn to see what archaeology has revealed about the kings of Judah during this time.

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In spite of the relatively small amount of material that has been excavated and analysed, considerable evidence confirming the biblical account is available.

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For many years scholars have disagreed over the identity of the sea the Israelites crossed and thus the site of the drowning of Pharaoh's army. Three routes for the Exodus have been proposed and continue to be debated.

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An archaeological find from the 19th century clearly establishes Israel as a nation inhabiting Palestine in the 13th century BC.

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