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How to Understand the Bible

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How to Understand the Bible    

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How to Understand the Bible

The Bible is the world's best selling book... yet, in spite of the Bible's popularity, it has also been described as the world's most misunderstood book..

Have you been one of those who have found the Bible difficult to comprehend? Do you wish you knew how to better apply its timeless principles, how to use it to build a right relationship with its author, your Creator?

This eye-opening booklet will examine seven keys that will help open up this Book of books to your understanding.

What's in the Guide

Chapter 1
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The Bible is the world's most popular book, but at the same time the most misunderstood!

Chapter 2
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Why do so many have difficulty grasping the Bible's message and meaning?

Chapter 3
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Here are 15 keys to help you understand the Bible.

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Historically, the Bible has been held in the highest esteem by many great men and women—presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, scholars, scientists, philosophers and more. Following are what some of them have said about the Bible.

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Does the Bible contain errors? Often the answer depends on the eye of the beholder.

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Unless we actually use it, the Bible is no better than any other book on our shelves. So how can we properly use it? What principles and methods of study do we follow? What tools are available to help our understanding?

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Many people are unaware of several basic threads running through Scripture that, when recognized, open our understanding.

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Although the original texts of the Bible were inspired by God and are without error, the same cannot be said for later copies of the texts or translations made from them.

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If you have access to a personal computer with a CD or DVD drive or an Internet connection, you can make use of Bible helps.

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Some study the Bible and enjoy great spiritual growth and maturity. Others study it but grow little if at all. What makes the difference?

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